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Meet   Our   Baker 

Youssef is a renowned baker from Aleppo, Syria. Baking has been in his family for generations: he owned several bakeries in Aleppo before the war. However, he was forced to flee Syria after his city and bakeries were destroyed during fighting. Youssef and his family were relocated to Rhode Island, where they hope to spread their gift for baking with the new country that has welcomed them. Because of Youssef’s talent, passion, and irresistible personality, the American community rallied around him. With $1200 in funding and the help of some friends, he established Aleppo Sweets to pursue his American Dream. 

Due to budget constraints, and a desire to spread our gift of Syrian delights as widely as possible, Aleppo Sweets has started with an e-commerce model. Order Youssef’s sweets online and have them delivered right to your door! 

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